Kids Preschool Lesson Plans

Published: 12th April 2011
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A baby begins to learn from the womb and builds on it from the time it is born. As a parent it is a duty that you need to stimulate and nurture the learning process of your toddler right from an early age.

The tips regarding how to nurture their learning abilities and stimulate them are found in many kids preschool lesson plans developed and conceptualised by experts in the field. In these preschool kids lesson plans you can get lot of fun and educational ideas that will keep your baby entertained and at the same time prepare him/her for preschool and beyond.

There are some tips and points on the kind of resources that parents can invest in to keep their children focussed and interested.

1. Total Learning: Developmental Curriculum for the Young Child by Joanne Hendrick. This book is aimed at teachers or parents of young children, who are looking to develop a curriculum or lesson plan based on the age of the child. The book doesn’t deal on any specific subject instead guides the parents to develop their own lesson plan that can help them in schooling their children to find their way in preschool.

2. Creative activities for young children by Mary Mayesky. This book gives creative ideas to parents and teachers by assisting them in developing the kind of activities that will stimulate creativity in a child. Many innovative ways have been listed in the book such as poems, food recipes, useful websites for further guidance and many more. This book will serve your child till he/she is 5 years old.

3. Creative Resources for Infants & Toddlers" by Judy Herr and Terri Swim. Kids books allows one to look at the development in a child s a whole and not relegated to only certain sections as is done in many other books. This book helps you in noting the signs of development in a child both weekly as well as on a monthly basis.

These are some notable resources followed by parents, teachers and guides. They are considered to be the best and have really helped many parents in guiding their children in the path towards development.

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